The best Spanish projects in the world of events in times of recession

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Sony Tablet promotion in Shopping centers.
Risponsable companies: Abstract [marketing] + [events]
For 3 months (October to December 2011) Abstract [marketing]+[events] took care of the design, building and staff management of 4 stands in different shopping centers simultaneously (L’Illa Diagonal and La Maquinista in Barcelona, La Vaguada and Plaza Norte 2 in Madrid).
The goal of this project was to make the new Sony Tablets P and S known. In order to achieve this goal test units were installed for the use of customers. Sales promoters  would show users the basic features of the tablets: internet, video, audio, reading, etc. and how they interact with other home appliances. With Sony Tablet you can interact with your TV, using it as a remote control to display pictures and videos; with your stereo system, also as a remote control to send tracks; connect it to your computer or laptop by means of wi-fi network. Sony Tablets also have automated intelligent functions like remote control of lighting, air conditioning, roller blinds, etc.
Together with Sony Tablet all the accessories were displayed: sleeves, Bluetooth keyboard, supports, cases and screen protector. The promotion was a success: more than 54,000 people visited the stands.